Alva Yoga


Nada Yoga, an ancient spiritual practice often referred to as the yoga of sound, harnesses the transformative power of sound vibrations to deepen meditation and spiritual connection. At its core, Nada Yoga teaches that sound is not merely an auditory experience but a profound tool for inner transformation and self-realisation. Through practices like Kirtan, a form of devotional chanting, practitioners engage in the rhythmic repetition of sacred mantras or spiritual phrases, accompanied by music. As they immerse themselves in the vibrations of sound, they journey inward, transcending the limitations of the mind and ego to experience the unity of all existence. Nada Yoga views sound as the primal source of creation, and through disciplined listening and chanting, practitioners seek to attune themselves to the divine resonance that underlies the universe. In this context, Kirtan emerges as a potent expression of Nada Yoga, offering a joyful and communal path to spiritual awakening and inner peace.

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